How to Rise Above the Online Noise

A few days, I emailed you about what is going wrong in the online business world. Today, I am covering how you can rise above and do it right. These are ways that you can market yourself and advertise your business so that you aren’t like everyone else. Ways that you can build a business and a brand for a lifetime, not just a really popular thing right now.

Not only that, but this is actually a way that you can build a business you love, not just a business that will make you lots of money.

One of my biggest motivations is helping women find careers they love and start businesses they love. You would be amazed at how many women I know have businesses they hate. They have designed them to make money instead of designing them based off what they love. They now have no time and have to make sacrifices in their lives to keep their business going.

It’s easy to rise above, stand out and create a business you love. The 5 step steps are below. But here’s the thing. You can’t just read them. You have to promise me that you will take action. You actually have to do them.


1. Don’t Rely On Others To Start Your Business For You

Instead of relying on other people to grow your list for you (such as the tele-summit in a box strategy I told you about a few days ago), YOU actually do the work of getting to know your audience, figuring out your niche and you ideal market’s frustrations. Don’t get 23 people together and expect them to build a business for you and help you discover how to serve your audience. Growing a list that doesn’t know you at all is not starting a business.

Your action: Create a survey and share it anywhere and everywhere. Talk to your ideal client and ask them questions about what they need and want. Study all of their answers. Write them down. Create a cheat sheet of all of their answers that you reference anytime you do anything in your business.

2. Be 100% You.

As much as I love to give away the step-by-step in my business launch community, Corporate Rescue Plan, and give you the exact instructions of how to build a list and other little tasks on my blog, each part of my trainings and the articles I write on my website are designed to bring out your most unique self.

You need to be different. You need to stand out. You can’t do it exactly like me. I can’t do it exactly like you. I give you a plan. Follow it. Tweak it. Change it. Make it yours. But, whatever you do, be 100% you.

Your action: Journal every single day. Meditate. Be quiet. Get off Facebook and social media and write down what you truly value in your life. Write down in your journal what you would tell your ideal client if it was the last thing you could ever say. What do you REALLY want to tell them that you might be scared to tell them? What do you really want to do with your life, but are scared of what other people will think and have lots of fear inside about it? Discover yourself first and what you enjoy doing the most.

3. Unfollow, Unsubscribe and Lead.

Inspire your tribe. Do something cool and different to rise above the rest of the “same old”. What content do you love sharing even if you don’t think there is a market for it? Go through your emails you have deleted over the last week and unsubscribe instead. This is where you trust yourself to guide you instead.

You trust your own unique self who can take you so much farther than modeling anyone else already out there. There is something inside of you that is meant to impact and change the world and if you are studying all these other people, you will never be able to get it out and make that difference you are meant to. Stop following and start leading. No matter what stage of business you are in, you have to lead the way.

You action: Use to save time removing yourself from daily emails you signed up for but now don’t really need. Remove yourself from email newsletters that at one time you wanted to model what they were doing. Remove yourself from every email and social media profile that is getting in your way.